Elon Musk on Bitcoin: Lightning Community is vital

Elon Musk by no means stops tweeting about Bitcoin, and this time he speaks out about the Lightning Network, arguing that it is at this time required.

He did so in the course of a dialogue that arose on Jack Dorsey’s social community, for the umpteenth time, on the power usage of Bitcoin, the cause that led Tesla to refuse payments in BTC.

It was Brett Winton, analysis director of Ark Invest, who 1st tweeted, composing that Ark experienced already demonstrated that it is attainable to develop Bitcoin with renewable electrical power.

To this, Elon Musk responded by arguing that this can undoubtedly be reached more than time, but the current expansion in Bitcoin’s electricity use could not be supported as swiftly by renewable power.

The CEO of Tesla also reiterated the point that Bitcoin mining is consuming extra strength than a medium-sized place. And however it would be much easier to validate usage if the top rated 10 Bitcoin mining farms obviously indicated how a lot renewable electricity they use.

Elon Musk on Lightning Community for Bitcoin

This is exactly where the YouTuber BTC Session stepped in, who explicitly requested Elon Musk if he would look at a layered tactic to Bitcoin, with Lightning Community, which would not sacrifice decentralization and network stability. To this Musk replied:

“Achieving definitely decentralized finance – power to the individuals – is a noble & vital goal. Layer count is dependent on projected bandwidth & compute, the two rising rapidly, which usually means one layer community can have all human transactions in potential imo. For now, Lightning is needed”.

In short, the issue of strength influence stays, but Elon Musk would seem to be contemplating so-identified as “layer 2” solutions to make Bitcoin much more sustainable.

Lightning Community allows quicker transactions. Its use has developed a large amount in the final year, although it is not yet mainstream.

Most likely Elon Musk’s tweets might have the potential to enhance the popularity of Bitcoin’s Layer 2 as well.


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