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Mario’s Lost Coins is committed to transparency in our ownership structure and our funding sources. We list potential conflicts of interest on the same page as the corresponding work. We are part of a group of publications, owned by Amour De Soi L.L.C. Making decisions must take into account that we are a for-profit organization and decisions are made on the basis of long-term value to our shareholders. Our mission is to promote cryptocurrencies/tokens and keep entrepreneur stories alive with an interested and engaged audience.

We started in August 2020.

We serve a general audience.

We have a full-time editorial staff, but we work with a lot of freelance reporters and guest bloggers.

Ownership Contact Infomation

Amour De Soi L.L.C.
4400 La Salle St. Suite 63
Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States, 54703

+1 (715) 257-0025
[email protected]

Sponsors Infomation

Last Updated: May 20, 2021

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