Sony: a betting system that accepts bitcoin

A handful of times back, Sony submitted a patent application for a betting platform that could also accept bitcoin

The patent software US20210142624 was submitted by Sony Interactive Leisure Inc. with the United States Patent Workplace and problems an “e-athletics betting platform”

The description of the software also mentions game consoles this sort of as Sony PlayStation, or these manufactured by Microsoft or Nintendo, as achievable people of this kind of a system, by means of a customer/server engineering. 

What’s more, at just one position it is explicitly stated:

“Wagers may well be pecuniary, e.g., cash or bitcoin, or may perhaps be non-pecuniary, e.g., game property, digital legal rights, and virtual currency”.

In other words and phrases, it would show up to be a sort of multimedia electronic e-sporting activities “casino” that will accept bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

It is for that reason feasible to picture that Sony is doing work on a new system that would enable the use of fiat currencies and bitcoin, as nicely as other assets such as things or gaming credits, to guess on e-sports situations. 

The world of e-sports, i.e. electronic sports activities competitions, is escalating promptly and has a sizeable turnover, as evidenced by the many e-sporting activities stars who are dominating YouTube for case in point (PewDiePie over all). 

Why is Sony betting on Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies could enjoy a incredibly critical function listed here, because they enable straightforward, rapid, and previously mentioned all unrestricted exchange of value. For instance, by integrating a Lightning Community node into a platform these types of as the one Sony envisages, it would be doable to manage countless numbers of micro-transactions per second in BTC with users, and the very same could be carried out utilizing other cryptocurrencies. 

In reality, Sony’s patent application would enable players to wager in serious-time when watching e-athletics competitions even on the results of specific gatherings, with the betting odds calculated in serious-time by an synthetic intelligence technique.

The use of cryptocurrencies would make it quite straightforward and speedy for gamers to deposit and withdraw their funds, maybe even connecting the crypto wallet straight to the system so as to make all the things automated. It would also permit these operations to be carried out without the need of any limitations other than people imposed by the platform itself. 

On the other hand, level of competition from betting apps could finally make itself felt in this sector, so even centralized platforms will quicker or afterwards have to get to grips with cryptocurrencies. 


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