Theta Price Prediction, Will THETA Hit $50 By 2021?

Theta price rally raised many eyebrows in 2021 that showcased a magnificent price surge by gaining more than 1300% growth. This is an innovative platform that aims to work for the streaming sector providing technical and economic solutions for decentralized video streaming. 



Theta Network incentivizes their users who relay videos on the platform on their spare bandwidth. As this year the platform witnessed growth in the user base, resulting in widening of the bandwidth and hence improving the streaming quality of videos on the platform.

For smooth functioning of the Theta Network, the platform rolled out two cryptocurrencies, THETA coin, used as a utility token to vote for the betterment of the network and TFUEL, to execute transactions.

After a brief introduction of Theta Network, now let’s move on to the insights of THETA coin. The price rally has attracted many nowadays and hence the further price movements are on the spot light. If you are thinking of holding some THETA coins but unsure about the future price movements, then this piece of writing would help to answer all your queries.


Cryptocurrency Theta token
Price $8.85
Market cap $8,857,002,192.19
Circulating Supply 1,000,000,000 THETA
Trading Volume $438,282,972.21
All time high $15.90 Apr 16, 2021
All time low $0.03977 Mar 13, 2020

What is THETA Coin?

The THETA Coin is a utility token of the Theta Network founded by Mitch Liu and Jieyi Long in 2018. The team held a private token sale and sold 30% of 1 billion THETA coins raising $20 million. 

THETA coin can be staked by the validators nodes or guardian nodes. It also allows nodes to validate transactions, produce blocks, vote on the betterment of the network and also earn TFUEL as rewards. 

The network users can download the official Theta Wallet to hold or stake THETA and TFUEL tokens. The wallet is also powered by a micropayment system that enables the content viewers and creators to send and receive THETA. 

The theta works on Proof of Stake mechanism which is also called Multi-Level BFT, by them. What’s so special about this? Unlike the proof of work, this consensus method works at a higher speed. Theta achieves rapid speed by limiting the node users.

 A front line group of nodes which they call the Validator committee works on every transaction first. Following which they approve and it reaches the second set of nodes, which consists of thousands of users and called the Guardian pool. Further validation from this group will let the transaction reach its blockchain. 

While many wonder what is the difference between THETA and TFUEL, here is the answer put down. In simple words, the Theta token is the governance token of the network. It involves the staking process, where the users will earn a profit in the form of the other native token. And, Theta Fuel is the Utility token and also a gas token. TFUEL works on many undertakings in the Theta Network. It is also given away as incentives to users who share their extra bandwidth or computing power for video streams.

While most crypto giants have only a single token or coin, many wonder what’s the purpose of the second token in a network? So, most second tokens come into existence as utility tokens. Now, the advent of TFUEL made sure Theta token has a key and specific function only which is staking.

On the other hand, if the network did not introduce TFUEL, a secondary token, over some time Theta tokens will lose the circulating supply because they are involved in staking. But since the network is based on streaming high-quality videos, a liquid token is necessary. That was the prime reason why a dual token system landed its foot in the Theta network. Now, staking and daily transactions in video relay can happen hand in hand. 

Also, using a single token for both staking and other operations in the network can freak out users. It is because doing this can cause potential risk to the network’s security. Eventually, it may drive away from the existing users from the network causing a crash. But with a dual token system, the theta network’s safety is kept at a check. 

For buying your first theta token or to exchange the existing ones, you need to look out for Crypto exchanges that list Theta. Some popular exchanges where you can trade theta tokens are Binance, OKEx, KuCoin and Bithumb. 

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THETA Price Prediction 2021

The theta token commenced the trade this year with a price of $1.86. Shortly, it skyrocketed and touched the $15.90 mark, which was its ATH on April 16. It slightly got pulled back yet travelled at a bullish figure. On May 19, when the market crashed, Theta got deeply afflicted where it fell from $9.79 to $5.97. Subsequently, the price escalated but has not yet recovered completely from the dip. 

Currently, the THETA price is trading around $8.97. If Theta works on improving the creation of dApps and makes it more user friendly for the users, then it can pull some extra user nodes. Eventually, they become traders of the token and thereby, the Theta price may hike by the end of 2021 and hit $22.87.

However, if theta decides to care for the same system and does not work on any improvement or collaborations, then the theta price by the year-end will move in average figures near $16.83. 

On the other end, if the tokens remain low on liquidity as this year comes to an end, it might lose some traders. In such a case, the theta price might dip to an extent and may reach $12.99 on a minimum.

THETA Price Prediction 2022

If this year ends by hitting the maximum figures mentioned, then it may resume the 2022 trade on a bullish note. In such a case, we can expect theta price to be $23.11 by January 2022. But, if the liquidity fails to shoot up, this year may see a downtrend for theta. And so, the following year may begin bearishly. That is, it might commence in 2022 for $14.78.

Theta looks forward to reducing the costs of video streaming in the coming months. If it successfully manages to do this, then the price may hit $35.48 by the end of 2022. However, if it maintains the same cost it might be seen trading at $29.12. 

Also, if Theta falls prey to constant video buffering and other glitches in 2022, it can lose a segment of traders. Thereby, the price may drop to $25.83.

THETA Price Prediction For Next 5 Years

In the next five years, if Theta plans for new collaboration and partnerships with the renowned organization the price might surge substantially. Also if it successfully maintains the decentralised video streaming steadily, the price can grow. If this happens, then by the end of five years Theta price can hike to $92.08. 

If theta remains still working on new updates and improvements and hasn’t brought anything to work, then the price might trade on average at $71.86.

Theta has its ICO very private and centralized. If theta does not work on improving this and sticks to the current Initial coin exchange mechanism, it might lose a significant surge possibility and might even fall to a minimum figure at $55.13.

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THETA Market Prediction

Digital coin price

According to this platform, THETA price may spike and hit $13.34 by the end of 2021. The price may jump close to $18.86 by 2023 and surge above $22 by the end of 2024. And by the end of 2025, the price may even trade close to $30.75.

2.Wallet Investor

Wallet Investor’s algorithm-based forecast predicts theta to trade at $16.75 by the end of 2021. However, in the coming five years the future price predicted by this platform is around $100 by 2026.


According to Gov.Capital, the THETA price may trade at $12.949591 after one year. 

Our Price Prediction

If the theta network works on its improved security and partners with giants like Samsung VR, which is already their partner, then we can expect new enhancements and reduced fees on Theta. If this happens, the price of the theta token will drastically rise and might hit $22.54 by the end of this year.

However, if the project remains young in the coming months, investors may withdraw from the network due to FUD. Also, any celebrity comment in future can cause the market to collapse. In such a case, that happens within this year, the price might hit the lows at $12.77. 

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Historical Price Sentiments


THETA Coin initiated its trade in early 2018 with less than $0.2 and trended within the similar regions till the mid of 2020. The price however spiked above $0.2 in May 2018 but dropped below $2 in June 2018. The price further lost the momentum and declined below $1 by August and maintained a similar trend till the end of 2018.


The price traded below $0.1 until the end of February 2019 and successfully traded above the levels. Including some decline below $1, the price maintained above these levels throughout the year and woefully slipped below $1 to end the year 2019.


The price initiated the trade below $1 and quickly gained momentum and surpassed $1 and went on raising. By mid of 2020, the price surged above $0.4 and dropped to $0.23 to $0.25 until August, where the price jumped above $0.3. By the end of August, the price hit $0.55 and jumped above $0.7 in November and ended the year by surpassing $1.5.


The start of 2021 was very bullish for the asset as it initiated the trade above $2 and surpassed $3 by the mid of february 2021. Soon the price initiated an uptrend, being at the foot of the hill, the price spike and reached $14.5 marking yearly highs and entered a small correction phase. The price kept trading above $12 and eventually on April 16, 2021 smashed the all time high at $15.90. 


What are the issues addressed by the Theta Network?

Theta Network is built mainly to address issues related to video streaming on their platform. The users who stream videos are rewarded with TFUEL coins.

What are the average returns on theta?

THETA maintained a calm rally till the end of 2020 and intensified heavily since the beginning of 2021. It rallied more than 1000% and hence increased the average returns. Therefore a decent and a spike average returns can be expected.

Will Theta price skyrocket in the coming days?

The bullish momentum is surrounding the THETA Coin and the network which may propel the price to form new highs very soon.

Where can I buy Theta Coin?

Theta Coin can be bought from various exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, etc.

Can I stake Theta Coin?

Yes, one can hold and stake THETA coins from the official Theta wallet. 

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