World’s first DeFi + E-Commerce System!

The globe of e-commerce and several other on the net market platforms have long gone by a ton of transition. A lot of have developed this kind of platforms and attempted to start to the community, only to be overcome by the other even larger marketplace gamers. This can occur even right after huge expenses on marketing as client acquisition and retention is an pricey work out that may possibly not bear the preferred results. 



Robin DeFi believes that there is a additional appealing, successful and in the long run worthwhile way for each Merchants and Buyers to benefit from a profitable e-commerce marketplace system.       

At Robin DEFI, we are supplying an progressive resolution that generates liquidity for these types of platforms without the need of the large linked advertising expense. Leveraging the most up-to-date blockchain technologies, we now have the capacity to create and generate liquidity to a complete new level. Case-in-point, we have also created SNAP IT!, a unique e-commerce and NFT marketplace platform, that will exemplify the revolutionary methods of Robin DEFI in supplying liquidity to a system.

SNAP IT! platform is an e-commerce / NFT market that is driven by Robin DeFi. It rewards the Retailers and People using the system with hard cash or crypto (like a “red packet”). It requires Buyers Snapping (getting) products that are minimal by quantity and time availability.

This makes hype and exhilaration amid the Buyers and their pals. A quite special function of SNAP IT! is that end users are rewarded even if they fail to Snap(Purchase) a solution. The reward is usually 3%-6% of the products value.  Should really end users be prosperous in Snapping, they can then resell the products in the system for benefits of up to 15% of the price tag increase.

Robin DeFi makes use of a cryptocurrency called ROB Token as its liquidity token. ROB Token has minimal amount and demand from customers utility, allowing it to boost in value as utilization increases. 

Underneath are the essential reward functions inside of SNAP IT! for Buyers : 

Robin DEFI rewards dependent on “work done” by People, the additional they Snap the extra benefits % they generate.

In addition, Robin DEFI also has a mining protocol that rewards Sellers 5% of product or service price tag as “proof of selling” reward. This 5% reward will be provided out in equal price of ROB Tokens. 

A lot of DEFI platforms in the market place give an APY% (Produce) to Customers but will not essentially reveal how and what their fund was genuinely utilised for to gain the APY% Produce. In Robin DEFI, all features and rewards are clear. In the function the consumers decide on to Stake in Robin DEFI, there is an automatic AI buying and selling bot that help people car Snap and Provide products to create the reward generate.

Each and each action will be recorded and proven in the blockchain. All benefits will also be recorded in the blockchain. In quite a few DEFI platforms in the current market, they can be labeled as significant-chance investments without having considerable assets backing their enterprise model. In Robin DEFI, just about every Snap-action is backed with an actual item or property. 

SNAP IT! platform is completely ready for cross-border trading. Snap IT! platform will aim originally on China cross-border buying and selling with Europe and South East Asia. SNAP IT! system will also be doing the job with a handful of massive brands’ products to start originally.

Be a part of us in our journey to be the world’s to start with DeFi moreover E-Commerce system!

About Robin DeFi:

Robin DEFI’s core know-how is blockchain technological innovation that efficiently lessens the expense of purchaser acquisition in e-commerce and NFT marketplaces. Launched by a team of experienced technological innovation programmers, supported by expertise in economical management as well as know-how from the logistics business, these 3 pillars form the robust basis of Robin DeFi.

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